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Lothian Rangers
is a group aimed at Glasgow Rangers supporters throughout the Lothians area.

The club was initially setup as a weekly five a side group, however, has rapidly grown since its founding in 2006 and has now become a popular social group that takes part in five a side games on a weekly basis, an 11 a side summer and winter league and also as a social group that travels independently to home and away matches.

The group was formed by a few Edinburgh based members on the largest Rangers fans forum on the net - and has expanded greatly since inception through the website and word of mouth, with currently 36 members actively taking part in various events.

In 2009, Lothian Rangers formed a partnership with the Rangers Charity Foundation and actively raise funds for the foundation.  In return, Lothian Rangers proudly where the Rangers Charity Foundation logo on their current strips.

In 2010 Lothian Rangers donated £1,250 to the charity foundation from the proceeds of their annual sportsman's dinner.

How To Join:

If you are interested in joining Lothian Rangers may it be if your looking to:

1.  Take part in the weekly five a sides
2.  Join our 11 a side team
3.  Travel to games with like-minded bears
4.  Join in general discussion about the Rangers

Then feel free to drop us a mail at
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